Baptism (sometimes referred to as “Christening”) is a service of public commitment to living a life following Jesus Christ, and of welcome into the world church, which, through your local church you can enjoy a relationship for the rest of your life. If you live in the parish the baptism can take place in one of churches. If you have a close pastoral connection with our parish or regularly attend services here, but do not live in the parish, then the baptism can still take place here.  If you do not live in the parish and do not have a pastoral connection you might like to make contact with your local parish church who can nurture your faith and welcome you to become part of its community.


If you would like to be baptised or would like a child to be baptised in one of our churches, please download and complete our “Baptism Enquiry Form” and send a signed copy to the Rector. He will then contact you to discuss your arrangements further.