to an unusual rural parish
of the Church of England.

Where Christian prayer and worship has been offered, and the sacraments of the Church celebrated for at least 1300 years, and perhaps longer.  Surprisingly little has changed during that time, and the Lord Jesus has blessed us.

Three ancient churches, covering one small village and four hamlets with a total population of less than a thousand:  this is a rural parish.  Each maintains its own tradition, but together we stand firm for the Catholic faith of the Church of England.  It is the only entirely rural parish under the episcopal care of the Bishop of Beverley.

We are mostly older than we might wish to be and not as many as we would hope, the clergy are not as good as they ought to be, and there is nothing terribly special about our little churches, but it is a beacon parish all the same.

All Saints’, Broughton, stands between the two hamlets of Broughton-in-Airedale and Elslack, and serves them both.

St Peter’s, Marton, hidden away in East Marton (formerly called Church Marton) serves that hamlet and West Marton, under the old-fashioned name of Martons Both. 

St Mary the Virgin, Thornton-in-Craven, may (according to older church records) have been once dedicated to St Oswald, martyr and first Christian king of the English;  this parish once included Earby and Kelbrook.

We welcome visitors, pilgrims, tourists, passers-by; and pray that the Lord will bless you.