1. All our three churches are under the episcopal care of the Bishop of Beverley, the Rt Revd Glyn Webster, along with some 120 other parishes in the Province of York:

The Bishop of Beverley’s website

It has hundreds of great photos of his parish visits and meetings and events all around the north of England – for small, isolated, rural parishes such as ours a source of real encouragement – give it a look!

2. Now that we are in the new Diocese of Leeds, aka West Yorkshire and the Dales, we come under the direct and more local care of the Rt Revd Tony Robinson. Not that we lose Bp Glyn, but he is immensely busy right across the north, and it is good for us to be in closer contact with our sister parishes in this new mega-diocese.
Bp Tony is also the Chairman of the College of Catholic Bishops, and therefore the quasi-president of The Society, the ecclesial body for parishes and clergy such as us and ours:

The Society

3. The parish is affiliated to Forward in Faith, the national organization that looks after traditionalist Anglicans and resources The Society; for the latest news, a list of other parishes in this country, and links to the best blogs. There is a great deal on this site, so the best thing to do is go and explore it if you have not already done so. It will take you through to most of what is important for us at this time:

Forward in Faith

4. Fr Nicholas was until recently also the (unpaid) editor of NEW DIRECTIONS, the national monthly magazine for traditionalist Anglicans in this country:

New Directions

5. The local version of The Society for our new diocese is at:

The Society in West Yorkshire and the Dales

6. Thornton village has its own website, with details of sporting and social events, as well as a lot more information on local history. Marton also has a website, but as we are all beginning to realise, it is so much easier just to talk to people and have done with this wretched internet – who needs clockwork, when you can live like a living human being?

Thornton village website

Marton village website

7. ‘A Church Near You’ is an excellent website that does what it says, finds a parish church near where you are or where you want to go. Our entries are here:





If you can, please publicize this site: its only limitation is the fact that some parishes have not got around to filling in their entry. It covers every parish in the Church of England (including the daft ones) and its entries are not dependent on payment, as are so many church-finding sites – always a suspicious way of finding your way to God. Use it – it’s a good thing.

8. The College of Readers sets out to provide fellowship and support to Readers who subscribe to the authority of scripture, the grace of the sacraments, and the traditional understanding of the ordained ministry of bishop, priest and deacon. Our Reader, Paul Christodoulou is a member of this organisation.


9. The Society of Mary wishes to encourage Christians to pay proper respect to the young woman who was willing to become the Mother of God. Not worship – that is reserved for God himself alone. Just honour and respect. This Society was formed within the Church of England in 1931, but it welcomes members from any denomination. It arranges acts of worship to mark the major Marian festivals, organises pilgrimages, publishes literature, and generally seeks to tap into the rich tradition of spirituality surrounding Mary the Mother of God.


10. For over 80 photos of Broughton church, inside and out, taken in the summer of 2006, go to the photographer Christopher Hester’s site:


11. Some twenty photos of St Peter’s, also from the excellent photographic site Flickr. As you might guess, we find this way better for good quality photos than the dreaded Facebook: